Rick and Morty: The Rick-Shank Redemption Episode Review

While there were remarks about the episode premiering on April 1, it was panned as a joke in bad taste. Fans throughout the world then had the remarkable shock of turning on Cartoon Network to watch Dragon Ball Super and being amazed with all the long-awaited episode, which then replicated on the community through other displays’ time slots like Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy for many hours as audiences tried to convince their friends that the episode was airing.

The episode itself was able to live up to whatever hype could have gathered leading up to a launch date that was regular. “The Rick-Shank Redemption” might have been an average episode and remembered fondly, but the premiere was able to outdo itself in its zaniness, absurdity and occasionally, self-referencing satire. The Rick-Shank Redemption” starts with immediate cultural lampooning at a caricature of a Shoney’s restaurant and doesn’t hesitate to make jabs at itself.

the rickshank redemption review

In the first article of dialog, Rick mocks the very first episode of this show as he asks, “who wants to see a mad scientist use hand-made sci-fi tools to carry out highly trained alien guards once we can sit here and become a household at Shoney’s?” For the next 22 minutes, the series not only ricochets between characters and canon but also between extreme hilarity and psychological profundity, like when Beth implores Summer to not “deify the people who leave you.” Through the antics that dismantle any sense of finality in the last season’s finale and propel developments ahead, the episode keeps its footing. From nostalgic alien showdowns to the supposed launch of Rick’s real motives–the discontinued Szechuan sauce from McDonald’s 1998 promotions of this Disney Mulan film–“The Rick-Shank Redemption” masterfully incorporates the layers whatever make “Rick and Morty” such a pleasant show to watch.

The episode closes with promises of the coming season being the darkest year of ‘Rick and Morty’s’ experiences. It leaves audiences with Rick’s “fear of wicker furniture…want to play the trumpet…tentative plans to buy a hat” and anticipation for the season to come, whenever it can wind up airing.

Rick and Morty season 3 episode 2 is going to premiere in the next two weeks, on July 30! Stay tuned for more news.

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