Rick and Morty Season 2 Ended on A Massive Cliffhanger

Dan Harmon and creators Justin Roiland revealed tonight that new episodes would resume on Adult Swim starting Sunday. The news came during a special live flow occasion, where Roiland and Harmon responded to different audience questions as Harmon busied himself typing out a new script for the show (with tons of audience input). Along with the premiere date, they also affirmed that Season 3 would clock in at ten episodes (the same length as Season 2). Fans of this series will undoubtedly recall that Season 3 technically established already, with Adult Swim airing “The Rickshank Redemption” a few times in a row on April 1 as a sudden April Fool’s Day joke. That episode was broadcast once more leading up to the live stream, though rumors that Roiland and Harmon would launch another episode, “Rickmancing the Stone,” turned out to be untrue.

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At one stage during the stream, Harmon and Roiland hinted they’d started work on Season 4, even though they admitted that their representatives would not be thrilled about the subject being discussed by them and backtracked.With only barely a month left before the return of Rick and Morty, take a look at our review of “The Rickshank Redemption” and discover why the series has not lost its edge during the long wait between seasons. And if you are a lover of Rocket League, learn how you can add a few free Rick and Morty-themed things into the match beginning next week.It has been nearly two years since the enormous “Rick and Morty” Season 2 cliffhanger and Thursday night, we finally obtained not only a Season 3 premiere date — but a trailer. “Welcome to the darkest year of our experiences,” Rick tells Morty from the trailer. This is considering the show has been dim, despite its matter. Fans have been waiting to see the adventures of genius, mad and often drunk scientist Rick and his grandson Morty.

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Rick and Morty Season 2 completed on a massive cliffhanger, where Rick gets sentenced to prison along with his loved ones, and the world are left in shambles. An epilog promised fans a new season in a “year and a half, possibly longer,” but as the weeks ticked together, founders Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland were hushed.A comment led people to think there fought between the two authors, which caused the delay. Writing a series is tough. As I talk, more posts are coming out about me and Justin fighting,” he wrote. “Because it is a less dull reason for a season to take long, And since I am Dan Harmon, therefore it is a smart f–ing first guess, it just happens to be not true even in the slightest. We would be too eager to discuss it should you know of me. Now we need to await its rest.

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